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photographic series

Some people play in the lights at nighttime. They walk, they slide, they run on a fluorescent carpet that covers the floor and rises up in mid-air against the pitch black sky. People of all walks of life joyfully embrace the connection to the flickering shades of pink, blue and green, merging their spirits in a game everyone partakes to.
Each and any chromatic session of the show attracts the passerby who at the very least stands on the glowing carpet in mesmerised admiration.

The eye of the photographer follows the interactions attemptively and deliberately dwells on the technicolor web that seems to extend in all dimensions, including time. We can almost feel it vibrating, stretching towards us and around the person passing through it, before being swallowed by the following sequence of colours: waves of light that grow, crash and rest before taking a new form.

Solar passengers is an energetic feast for the eyes and an opportunity for the mind to wonder.
It is a celebration of sunlight, energy and human beings, who now more than ever need to reassess their relationships with the environment and look at its resources in a more sustainable way. The sun has been providing our species with the very specific conditions that are crucial to our survival and to the sun we constantly have to adapt in order to survive.Our perceptions mutate in harmony with our life and our plans for the future of the next generations strictly depend on our present behavior. By using the enormous potential of the sun light we will be able to transition to a healthier, happier and more prosperous future, the Solar Passengers future.

Robert Marnika started to conceive the series Solar Passengers some years ago when he was reminded of his thoughts about the future as a kid. Thoughts and dreams about a possible future and progress inhabited his mind through all his childhood. As some years ago the early solar panels started to appear in his hometown of Zadar in Croatia, his grew enthusiastic about the positive future that he had only imagined as a child. Every new panel was to him proof that the society was moving towards a brighter and more sustainable way of living.
However, the most captivating project was the Sun Salutation, also known as the Monument to the Sun created in 2008 by the awarded Croatian architect Nikola Basic. Located in close proximity to the world wide celebrated Sea Organ, the Sun Salutation is a vast circle of photovoltaic panels intersperse with LED lights, paved into the marble steps of the shore front. Every night at sunsets the panels flare up, staging  a dynamic light show, completely powered by solar energy.

Robert Marnika was quickly captured not just by the spectacular light effects and the enthusiastic popular response but by the virtuous energy principle that governs the work. It is a living proof that we as humans can and must adjust to changed circumstances whilst minimizing the effects of our temporary transition on the Earth. These are the Solar Passengers.