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War photography cannot be considered solely as a form of documentary.

These images should be read as a processes of sedimentation, the upshot of a personal confrontation with a nightmare that still haunts years after the end of the conflict, and which continues to raise questions, insisting on discussion and confrontation with reality through images, in the hope that these do not pointlessly offend the eye, but which, through their artistic formulation, can with hindsight encourage reflection.
In this sense, they should not be viewed with the logic of a photo-journalist, but of someone born in those places, and who captures the war with fewer filters, except incredulity for what is unfolding before your eyes.

There is a book published with this images and if you want to find more about this winning project click HERE.

All images are realized on film, treated with various chemicals in darkroom and printed in limited edition  on metallic paper. If interested in purchasing, please contact me via email.