About robertdev

Robert Marnika is a photographer with over 25 years experience in a range of photographic styles: from commercial and social photography to portraits. He has dedicated much of his career to teaching darkroom techniques and artistic photography. Robert has always been a researcher, someone who would use the camera as a way of catching the here and now, exploring the outer world as an extension of his inner world. His work has been awarded in various international competitions. The one that means the most to Robert was his first prize for his “Fragments of a memory” collection at the Photography Festival in Rome in 2006. The work was mainly done in a darkroom using discarded images from the war years in Croatia, where he was directly involved, in the early 90’s. As a result of this, Robert had access to Portfolio 2006 in Prato (Tuscany), where he was awarded the second prize for the best photographic portfolio in Italy. In 2009, Robert published a book, Fragments of memory, exploring the concept of memory in relation to those tragic war years. In recent times, his work has received numerous recognitions, with more than 40 international exhibitions, and he continues to develop his interests in art photography. Robert’s huge passion for nature inspired him to run intensive digital & analogue photography workshops for more than 15 years in unique places in Italy, Croatia and Spain. Robert continues to work as a freelance photographer in Melbourne, exhibits in various galleries and still enjoys teaching the basics of photography, as well as advanced B&W printing techniques.